Florin Petrachi



This young Romanian boy was born in the city of Harlau, into a family that has never fully appreciated his talent. Ever since primary school, he has set a goal for himself and held onto it no matter what obstacles he has faced. He wants to become a prominent painter.

Since his childhood, he has painted on almost everything, from his notebooks to the walls of his house. When he ran out of colors, he would find other materials (such as lime) to get him out of a jam. Many times his teachers would scold him because his notebooks weren’t clean, but he would imagine a personal universe with portraits and still-lifes and draw them on his schoolbooks.

He began painting lessons in the 5th grade, and then began to paint different icons. At the age of thirteen, he discovered oil paint and was fascinated by it. Instead of studying for his final exams, he just painted—or so thought his mother. She was wrong, though: Florin studied for his exams as well. His first exhibition showed the drawing boards he used to make for the school. He became recognized by both his teachers and classmates as “The Painter”.

He started learning the harmony of combining colors by painting masks and sculpting. It became time for him to start participating in different competitions where he would exhibit his own works and sell icons so that he would have enough money to buy the materials he needed.

During the period he was participating at the Art and Crafts Olympics in Sibiu, he found out that he was admitted to the Octavian Bancila Art School in Iasi. He was overjoyed when the jury awarded him the special prize for keeping tradition.

All through his highschool, he always tried to excel as one o the best students. He participated at many national and international contests, and won awards that led to his getting a scholarship at the George Enescu University of Art in Iasi. He has participated in such famous international contests such as “Open Doors” Awards, and the International Plastic Art Contest N.N. Tonitza, where he won first prize. These are just a few of the famous contests in which he participated. He was awarded a scholarship from the Blue Heron Foundation, which is an organization that offers support—through a partnering of scholarship and mentoring for orphaned and abandoned children—ambitious and talented students like Florin. He has excelled in his major, and won entrance to the Master Painting Program at the George Enescu University of Art in Iasi. Florin continues to follow his dream of becoming a stand-out painter.



Bursier Blue Heron Foundation



Nascut: 16.05.1988, Harlau - Iasi

Studii: Colegiul National de Arta "Octav Bancila" -Iasi , specialitatea pictura de sevalet (2003-2007)

Facultatea de arte plastice, decorativa si design, specialitatea pictura (2007 - 2010)

Certificat de competente profesionale, Atestat - domeniul Arte Plastice  (2007)

Certificat de competente profesionale , Licenta - domeniul Arte Plastice (2010)

Expozitii personale: 2002 "Clubul Copiilor"- Harlau

2002 "Muzeul Astra"- Sibiu

2002 "Scoala Generala Petru Voda"- Harlau

2003 " Muzeul Astra"- Sibiu

2004 "Spitalul Sfanta Maria"- Iasi

2005 "Palatul Culturii-Biblioteca Gheorghe Asachi'- Iasi

2005 "Casa de Cultura Mihai Ursachi " Iasi

2006 "Hotel Moldova" Iasi

2006 "Colegiul National de Arta Octav Bancila "-Iasi

2007 "Galeriile de Arta "- Iasi

2008 "Galeriile de Arta Top Art Casa Cartii"- Iasi

2009 "Galeriile de Arta Top Art Casa Cartii"- Iasi

2010 " Galeria de Arta ," APARTE "- IASI

Expozitii colective: 2002 "Scoala Generala Petru Voda "- Harlau

2003 " Biserica Sfantul Apostol Luca" - Harlau-Parcovaci

2003 "Inspectoratul Judetean Iasi "- Iasi

2004 " Spitalul Joan De Deu " Barcelona- Spania

2004 " Biserica Sfantul Apostol Luca "- Harlau-Parcovaci

2005 " Casa de Cultura Mihai Ursachi"- Iasi

2005,2006,2007 "Colegiul National de Arta Octav Bancila"- Iasi

2007 "Palatul Culturii-Biblioteca Gheorghe Asachi'- Iasi

2007 "Galeria Altis "- Botosani

2008,2009 " Revista de Arta puncte punct puncte"-Iasi

2008 " Grup 3- Galeriile de Arta Casa Cartii"- Iasi

2008 " Grup 3- Galeria Altis "-Botosani

2009 " Grup 3-Ateneu Tatarasi "- Iasi

2009 "Galeria Aparte" - Iasi

2009 "Galeriile World Trade Center " - Iasi

Diplome de onoare:

2006 " Diploma de onoare pentru deosebita contributie adusa la promovarea valorilor culturale,spiritual romanesti "

2005 " Medalie de aur in cadrul Concursului International Open Dors "- Giurgiu-Romania

2004 " Diploma de onoare pentru comportament deosebit in timpul participari activitatii Scolii din Spital-pentru participarea la expozitia prezentata in Spitalul "Sant Joan De Deu" Barcelona,Spania "


Premii: 2002 " Premiul special al juriului pentru pastrarea traditiei la faza nationala a olimpiadei - Mestesuguri Artistice Traditionale" -Sibiu

2002 " Premiul 2- Tabara de pictura religioasa-Sfantul Apostol Luca "-Harlau

2003 " Premiul special al Muzeului Astra la faza nationala a olimpiadei- Mestesuguri Artistice Traditionale "- Sibiu

2003 "Premiul 1 Concursul Autorii Copii- Cronica "- Iasi

2003 "Premiul 1- Tabara de pictura religioasa -Sf Apostol Luca"- Harlau

2003 " Premiul 1 la Expozitia Nationala de Arta Plastica si Fotografica" - Iasi

2003 " Premiul 1 Concursul Judetean de Arta Populara sectiunea -Masti Populare "- Iasi

2004 "Premiul 1- Tabara de pictura religioasa -Sfantul Apostol Luca"- Harlau

2005 "Premiul 1- Tabara de pictura religioasa -Sfantul Apostol Luca"- Harlau

2005 "Premiul 2 - Concursul National de Acuarela Constantin Gavenea"- Tulcea

2005 " Premiul 1 Concursul International Open Dors" - Giurgiu-Romania

2006 " Premiul 1 Concursul International de Arta Plastica N.N.Tonitza"-Barlad-Romania

2006 " Premiul 2 Concursul International de Arta Plastica "- Galati -Romania

2006 "Premiul 3 Concursul National Gheorghe Naum" - Braila

Lucrari in colectii particulare: Romania ,Franta , Belgia ,Spania ,U.S.A. ,Italia.